Krishna Murthy


Krishna Murthy brings over 15 years of experience in technology management and implementation to the BDX/BHI/NHT team. Before joining Builder Homesite, Inc., he was the Chief Technology Officer of, a technology driven start-up firm engaged in e-commerce in the online pharmacy arena. Prior to that he managed technology at MCC, a premier research consortium; Danka Omnifax, an office equipment sales and service company; and an environmental information services company. Mr. Murthy has significant experience in technology architecture, technology project management, business process re-engineering, set up and formation of a technology team and implementation of relevant technologies for a businesses.

 Since joining BHI, Mr. Murthy has overseen the development and operation of NewHomeSource, including integration with several large builders, development of an XML standard for new home data transport, development of a platform to support private-labeled partner sites and development of custom real estate-related enterprise web applications. He is also supervising the definition of product requirements for Envision, an integrated options management solution.

 Mr. Murthy holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, with specialization in Knowledge Based Systems, from the University of Houston.

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