The past two weeks have seen a lot of changes in the world and for home shoppers specifically. We’ve been working with so many of you on a new approach to your advertising campaigns and we wanted to take a minute to share some ideas and best practices.


Digital is the place to be

Nearly every marketing expert we’ve heard from is saying that companies are shifting their marketing spend to digital outlets in record numbers. We’ve been touting this approach for years, but for the first time we are seeing large numbers of builders shift to 100% digital spend. Builders are ramping up their BDX Premium, and Facebook retargeting spend.


Traffic is lower but better qualified

Across many of our BDX channels we are seeing a similar trend. While traffic is slowing down, the home shoppers who are out there looking are ready to buy and very qualified. The positive story is around conversation – advertising performance is stronger than ever.


It’s time to get social

With more people at home and using social media more, you don’t want to get left behind. There are more Facebook avails and now’s the time to take advantage of this increased traffic on this channel. We’d suggest launching a campaign or increasing your spend on social media – specifically Facebook retargeting.


Change your messaging and stay relevant

Now is NOT the time to cut back on ad spending, but it is the time to shift your messaging strategy and approach. Here are some things to consider for your creatives:

  • Highlight that now is a better time to buy than ever – with favorable interest rates, it’s actually a great time to buy a house.
  • Home has a new meaning for many people – consider taking an emotional approach to your messages.
  • Focus on your virtual tours, interactive content and things that make your homes virtually come to life for shoppers.


While this time is challenging on many fronts, we want you to know that we are here for you and ready to help in any way we can. Our fully staffed creative services team is ready to help you craft the right message and strategy to connect during these times. We are confident that by working together as an industry, we can weather this storm and emerge stronger than ever.

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