Neighborhood cul-de-sacs and community mailbox gatherings have come to define the flavor of the suburbs and larger cityscapes across the country. These masterpieces of architectural design, city planning and market awareness take an incredible amount of vision and resources.

Seeing the vision of a community through the rough terrain of country trash land takes talent. Conveying the vision to builders and consumers when bulldozers and sales trailers litter dirt roads is a feat of its own.

So how does one bring a vision to life when the finished product could be a year, a decade or more away? The building industry has learned a trick or two from the film industry. Using 3D animation. We can now capture more than just the details of an amenity center or community entrance, we’ve captured the essence of a community. Soft music, callout text, and cinematic up close shots like this one draw home shoppers into the fairytale vision of what the future community will feel like.

Animation presents us with the golden opportunity to show the community in its best light. The weather is always perfect, the lighting always captures the right mood and consumers have the ability to watch the animation unfold time and time again from the comfort of their own home. The construction noise and dusty roads become non-existent or a temporary means to an end that results in a community that one can be proud of.

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