The past 10 days have been filled with challenges – but for us at BDX, it has also been an opportunity to see so many of our builders SHINE! We are so proud to see many of our clients adapting so quickly to these ever changing times – getting creative and playing to win.

One big trend we have seen is our builders shifting their advertising messaging to focus on shopping online, virtual appointments, and online contracts.

This process is new for even the most seasoned home shoppers, so the more information you can provide about how everything works, the better. Shoppers right now want confidence in buying a home – home builders should be keeping that in mind every step of the way.

One builder who started this shift immediately is Century Communities. Their banner ad creative was updated within a week to emphasize the message of “Homebuying Made Simple” and drive people toward the idea of buying online. Instead of shying away from the situation, they are meeting it head on with direct messaging that understands shopper need and sentiment.



Once a buyer clicks through the ad, they are met with Century’s landing page that continues the conversation in the same direction, offering up several “virtual” calls to action. What we love about this page is that it clearly explains what a buyer should expect each step of the way. This is exactly what today’s shoppers need to build up their confidence is this “new” home buying process.
























We love seeing our builders rise to these challenging times and get creative with their messaging and approach. We want to make sure that as your adapting and putting together new strategies that you know that BDX is here for you every step of the way.

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