Graduating is a major milestone. It’s an accomplishment for all students of any age to finish a chapter of their academic career. This year has been a different experience for our graduates. Schools have had to postpone, cancel, or opt for a virtual graduation ceremony to keep everyone safe.

Some schools are going to extreme measures to let their seniors walk across the stage. They have postponed their graduation to July and have 3 different plans of action, one of those plans include letting the seniors have an in-person experience of receiving their diploma, but family members and friends will have to watch the ceremony virtually.

Other graduates will not have a ceremony to receive their diploma — unless you count receiving it in the mail as a ceremony! So it is up to you to lift your graduate’s spirit. At BDX we just did a virtual graduation parade for kids of our employees who are graduating this year – highlighting each student and their accomplishments on a slide and “parading” through the slides on a webinar.

We’ve researched several other innovative ways to commemorate your graduate while still following social distancing guidelines.

  • Video chat graduation party– Plan a zoom video call and invite all of your graduate’s friends and family. Ask someone to give a speech on behalf of your graduate or plan a game everyone can play, don’t forget to invite the graduate. Consider incorporating a game – trivia about your graduate for example.
  • Drive-thru parade– Ask your family and friends to decorate their cars and organize a time and a place to have them drive by and cheer on your graduate.
  • Family BBQ– Throw a graduation party with the immediate family, grill some BBQ, and bake a cake to celebrate.
  • Themed photoshoot– Let your student pick out a theme for a photoshoot, choose a location, and gather props to make it a memory they will never forget. A lot of photography companies are even doing webcam photoshoots right now with some really creative outcomes.
  • Video tribute– Create a video tribute with personal congratulation messages from family and friends and then give it to your graduate on their graduation day.
  • Hold your own private ceremony – Can’t host graduation at their own school? Drive to the nearest campus or even your backyard to host a private graduation ceremony for your student.
  • Graduation yard sign – Customize a graduation yard sign and put it in the front yard for everyone to see and recognize your child’s accomplishment.
  • Virtual graduation with celebrities– YouTube announced that they will be holding a virtual commencement, called Dear Class of 2020, which will feature many celebrities such as the Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, and many more. Graduations are more fun when celebrities are around.

However, you end up celebrating your graduate, just let them know you’re proud of them.

Here at BDX we want to extend our congratulations to the class of 2020 and want to wish them the best. We would love to see how you commemorate your loved one’s graduation. Please send us an email at if you wish to share it with us.

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