Lead generation is what keeps a business operational. In the home-building industry, it’s crucial to to cultivate leads throughout the home-buying journey – this begins with drawing in your audience with captivating ads via NewHomeSource.com, social media, or even organic advertising. As your prospects move down the sales funnel, engage with them through content that tells a story such as interactive brochures, e-books, flip-books, etc. But don’t just stop there! Follow-up with emails, phone calls, face-to-face interactions – it typically requires 7-10 touches before a lead turns into an actual customer (Source: ThriveHive). Lastly, close the sale. Take them through an immersive home-buying experience with real-time tours (virtual reality), showcase all of the unseen selling points of your home with interactive content and let them see an aerial view of the community and surrounding area with drone video.

Let the BDXperts help you improve your lead generation strategy. For more information on the products and services we offer, contact us at info@thebdx.com!

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