People are booking a unique guest to change up the monotony of their video meetings. What makes this guest so unique? Well, it might be the fact that he has four hooves. Yes, I said hooves. Paco is a llama and he’s going zoom meetings around the country!

Paco is one of the many farm animals being booked from a service called Goat 2 Meeting. Goat-2-Meeting was started by a nonprofit animal rescue and sanctuary in Silicon Valley, called Sweet Farm. This intriguing service offers a virtual tour of Sweet Farm and allows interaction via video chat with farm animals, such as a pig, goat, cow, sheep, turkey, and of course most people’s favorite – Paco the llama.

According to Business Insider, over 300 people have taken advantage of this service. It’s not too expensive either. It costs less than $100 to schedule an animal to make an appearance in your meeting. The best part of booking this experience is you’re helping keep the farm running and supporting the animals. This company deserves recognition for adapting and surviving through this uncertain time.

If you need a fun experience for your virtual meeting whether it be for a work meeting, a happy hour, or maybe a family member’s birthday, think about using Goat-2-Meeting. We guarantee you’ll make someone smile!

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