Getting a million views may seem impossible especially if you are a small builder, but it’s not! With today’s social media platforms, even a small builder can make waves with great content. While a viral success is never guaranteed, there are a few tricks that you can employ to bring internet fame a little closer. Follow the steps below and when you achieve stardom, don’t forget who gave you this advice and tag The BDX on Facebook!

Step #1 Marketing
Social media giants like Facebook don’t really want your videos to go viral without passing some money along to Mr. Zuckerberg. Algorithm changes ensure that your content doesn’t reach your full audience unless you promote or boost your post. A few dollars can go a long way! If you go through the effort of creating great content make sure to throw some fuel on the fire.

Step #2 Keep It Short
Short form video tends to do better on social media. The maximum length for any video on social media should be :60, but :30 or less is ideal. According to HubSpot, :26 videos on Instagram get the most engagement. If you have a lot to say, consider filming a series of short videos that you can release over time.

Step #3 Tell A Story
The best videos tell a story that connects to humanity in a way that elicits emotion. A good story line might make you burst into laughter or fight to hold back tears. Adding an unexpected twist can also jar the senses in a way that makes the story more memorable. Remember, shoppers aren’t likely to remember a video that talks about how long you have been in business, but they will remember how you make them feel.

If you are looking for effective short videos for your social media channels, give us a call. We’ve helped builders create videos that hit one million views and we’d love to help you too. Email us at or visit us at for details.

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