In a 2019 study by BDX & Meyer’s Research, home shoppers were asked about their preferences for ‘smart home features’ and buyer’s expressed an average amount of interest. Interestingly, when asked about specific features like smart thermostats, fire safety and entrance monitoring—interest spiked!

With that observation in mind, it’s easy to conclude that home shoppers may not have a great understanding what we mean when we talk about smart home automation. So how do we break from communicating to home shoppers in builder speak and get to communicating in a way that will get home shoppers excited about the features that truly differentiate a new home over a used home? You guessed it. We’ve got some tips for you!

 Interactive Tools Make Navigating Features Easier For Home Shoppers

Interactive home Cutaways are a simple way to visually call out features that are available in your homes. Each hotspot includes an opportunity to link to a website, video, or include a description of the product. The advice stays the same here—use terms that home shoppers can understand vs. overly technical descriptions.

Interactive Walkthroughs offer another efficient way to not only list features, but allow home shoppers to experience the benefits of the features themselves through built in animations. Walking through the interactive tour in this example, you can see how blinds can go up or down when the lighting changes and the media equipment is automated in the media room.

Marketing in a way that will connect with home shoppers is easy when you keep in mind that home shoppers prefer seeing vs. reading. Need help selling more of the smart home features available in your homes? BDX can help in so many ways! Interactive tools—we have them. Content specialists—we have them. Online design center—we have the leading online design center with the largest database of products provided straight from the manufacturer. Just drop us a line at to start the conversation.

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