All day long, people going through their email, searching online or using social media are bombarded with advertisements, particularly this time of the year. Why? Because this is actually a good season for home shoppers, who are undoubtedly taking advantage of time off work and school.

We see a considerable spike in buyer traffic on December 26. In fact, traffic during the last week of December is comparable to January traffic. So, using your advertising dollars wisely at this time can lead to winter home sales. But, how do you reach potential buyers?

Research shows that you have about five seconds to catch a person’s attention and compel them to click on your ad!

Effective online placement

Generating leads is more important than promoting your brand. So, it is critical to use content and creative that work for your target audience in places they are likely to see it. Purchasing effective placements is important.

One of the best sources for targeted real estate advertising is NewHomeSource (NHS). People visiting the site are clearly interested in a newly constructed home – in fact 63% of visitors to the site prefer new homes and 15% of site visitors take action each month.

Native advertising on is also effective. Native ads are the ads that resemble content but are subsidized by advertisers. RDC Native unit has had tremendous success for builders, particularly using the new format that converts even better! Combining native advertising with NHS advertising can be a perfect blend for builders.

Content that attracts leads

While placement is of vital importance, the content is too. Ideally, the content should create suspense or curiosity, thereby giving the customer a desire to look further. Do not make the mistake of using too much animation: Rapidly animated banner ads can result in lower recognition rates (and customers are turned off by the visual noise).

In school, you learn to include the who, what, where and pertinent facts in writing. However, many ads do not include the location, price range or a great image of the home. Very few people will bother to search out critical information that is missing or be attracted to a less-than-flattering picture.

Likewise, the landing page people click should also be attractive, not overcrowded and have the essential things they will look forward to readily visible. Do not forget to include a strong Call-to-Action (CTA) statement.

Prospects should feel compelled to do something if they are interested, whether calling, filling out a contact form or visiting a website. Do not leave it to chance that they will remember to follow up later.

Likewise, you need to follow up quickly, too. If the prospect calls or fills out an online form, experts say you should respond in five minutes or less, via email or phone. They should then receive seven to nine contacts in the first month to effectively turn many into buyers.

For builders eager to sell an inventory of homes by yearend, it is not too late. However, make sure you optimize your efforts. BDX can help develop a customized solution for you. We can work quickly to craft a program that matches your budget. For more information, email

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