BDX New Hype, or New RealityThere is no doubt that the way we experience the world is changing. Consumers are moving beyond delight and surprise when someone gets the experience factor right, to downright demanding it to earn their business. We are living in a world where news feeds, articles and searches are customized and tailored to an individual’s unique desires

Artificial Intelligence knows what we really want before we do and is serving up custom content instantaneously on a silver platter.

We can take this information and bury our heads in the sand or we can get in the game. This isn’t just a trend likely to dissipate, this is a movement that is mounting with exponential growth happening constantly.

Just recently, TechCrunch posted an article announcing Snapchat’s recent team up with Amazon to up the ante on delivering visual search with a camera integration that allows you to identify bar codes, objects, songs, and more with a snap, sending you straight to relevant results on Amazon. This type of experience will no doubt change the way consumers expect to be able to shop and experience brands.

So how do we run to instead of run from this new concept? BDX is already leading the charge in enhancing the visual experience. Just a few years ago we launched a virtual experience of the interior of a home at IBS in Vegas. Today, our gaming engine tours allow a fully immersive experience in which cabinets and floors can be changed on the fly. The technology and use cases for VR have gone from sci-fi to real life.

Sites like HomLuv are changing the way people search for new homes forever. With its AI powered, visual search engine, HomLuv helps home shoppers find a new home by tracking the images they have”luv’d” or disliked. Once HomLuv has 10 “luv’d” images, the artificial intelligence engine kicks in and has the data to match them with builders and homes. Personalization is the key here. This is where we are going and no longer can we leave experience to a blanket understanding of definitive demographics. We have to give consumers a personalized experience in everything that we do from how we respond to leads to offering visualization tools that allow consumers to design kitchens, interactive floor plans and search platforms that connect shoppers to their own perfect home. Want to learn more about how personalized and immersive experiences can change your business? Contact us at!

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