Think Millennials are the only ones that search for homes online? Think again! A 2018 study by the National Association of Realtors reports that 99% of Millennials start their home search online, followed by 90% of Boomers. With such a large group of homebuyers relying on Google to find their next dream home, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your communities can be found online.



It sounds simple, but having your community show up in search results is not always an easy task, especially when Google doesn’t recognize your newly built streets.

Sublime Homes is celebrating their new community, Manors at Walden Clearing being found this week—thanks to the BDX team. Leveraging a relationship with Google maps, Apple maps and Here, BDX submits CAD files on your behalf to ensure that your communities exact coordinates and streets are picked up by the popular map services. In the image you can see the perfect outline of the site map for Sublime Home’s Manors at Walden Clearing Community on Google earth and the perfect reflection of the newly built streets on Google maps.

Completed in a matter of a few weeks, this solves a big problem for home builders and helps all of those online shoppers we talked about find your community.

Thanks Sublime Homes for the shout-out! The BDX team is looking forward to many more wins and celebrations with you! Want to learn more about BDX Map Services, email us at or read more about our map services here.