Below we have the list of top performing BDX Connect builder campaigns for November. If you have any comments or questions, please email us at with your feedback!

#1 – Parsons and Company Custom Homes
Subject Line: New Homes with Mature Trees under $300k

This Parsons & Company campaign uses one of the free template styles that we offer, with concise copy and an easy to read design. When taking advantage of our free templates, you only need to provide us with images and copy, and we create the design for you.

#2 – K. Hovnanian Homes
Subject Line: We Are Ready For You NOW. The Community Grand Opening You’ve Been Waiting For

This style is very mobile-friendly, with large copy and a brief list of available homes with only the vital information on each home. It’s also important to note that this campaign was sent out on a Saturday. We typically see very good results on Saturdays for last-minute offers or a brief list of homes.

#3 – Zinfandel Ridge
Subject Line: New home and lunch in the Wine Country

We like the use of color on this flyer, and the wealth of photography. This was a custom design that we changed from a single image to HTML format — if you have the time and expertise, HTML can give you better results because it’s not necessary for the user to download images for them to see the content.

#4 – MI Homes
Subject Line: Saturday: Model Grand Openings in Victoria and Carver

This is a festive design that was used to promote the builder’s grand opening.

#5 – Kolter Homes
Subject Line: NatureWalk at Seagrove Final Homesite Tours

The photography on this flyer conveys the lifestyle of the community, and the aerial photo shows exactly how close it is to the beach!