When it comes to streaming content and shows – the Smart TV screen is just the beginning. You can watch it on your mobile phone. Your iPad. Your PC. Even your Xbox.

Likewise, viewers are no longer bound to programming restrictions i.e. having to watch your favorite show at 7 PM Tuesday. Digital streaming of content – also known as Connected TV (CTV) – allows you to watch what you want when you want wherever you may be. This makes content production limitless.

The combination of connected devices and limitless content has created the perfect storm for advertising on CTV. CTV already reaches almost 60% of households and will only continue to grow. And unlike traditional TV ad buys which are costly and have to be made months in advance, CTV advertising can be adjusted in real-time and utilizes hundreds of demographic variables like online digital advertising.

At a time when home shoppers are spending more time in front of their screens, BDX CTV provides boundless opportunities to touch home buyers with dynamic, interactive ads. And BDX CTV allows you to reach your target audience without wasted impressions, as well as showcase your homes within a full-screen TV experience.

With households spending more time at home, viewership of CTV is only going to increase. By getting in on the ground floor of BDX CTV, you will have unprecedented access to a new advertising medium to showcase your homes, community, and amenities.

To learn more about BDX CTV, contact your BDX consultant or click here to download our one-pager and get more information.​

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