Used Home Inventory Is Low – Now Is A Great Time To Turn Agents On To New Homes

Estimates show that used home inventory is down 40-60% across the United States… in some markets the numbers are even more dramatic. Agents are left with limited options to present to their buyers. This coupled with recent data that shows home shoppers are steering clear of downtown/urban areas in favor of suburbia is great news for new homes. Now is the time to make sure you are educating agents about new homes and arming them with the information and tools they need to sell your homes.

Messages Agents Need To Hear Right Now

There are a few things you need to communicate to all agents right now. Whether it’s on your website or more personalized outreach, make sure you are hitting these points:

  • New homes have unique features that shoppers are looking for right now. From home offices to larger pantries, to just more space in general, new homes are an exciting option for consumers right now who are stuck at home and adding items to their mental wish list for their dream home.
  • There is no wait – specs and move in homes are available today. Make sure agents understand the concept of specs and move-in-ready homes. Not all agents understand that many of your homes are available today!
  • Virtual appointments and unassisted showings are easier with new homes. Because no one is living in the home, new construction homes are easier to keep clean and manage visitors in and out. There are also unassisted tour options available to minimize the foot traffic even more.


3 Ways To Make Sure Your Messages Are Front And Center With Agents

  • Make sure your homes are listed on NewHomeSourceProfessional is the leading site that agents turn to when they’re looking for new home information. Not only are your new home listings front and center for agents, there is a ton of content on the site to educate agents about new home advantages.
  • Consider EFlyers to get into the agents inbox. BDX’s Agent Connections program is a turnkey way to deliver targeted emails to agents in your area. Advantages of the program include email lists targeted by zip code, quick turnaround times, creative consultations, and more.
  • Make sure social is part of your strategy. Every Agent Connections campaign through BDX comes with free social media amplification. But you shouldn’t stop there. Consider additional social impressions with your campaign and make sure you’re taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

We’re all adjusting our strategies right now… and if you’re not leveraging agents and finding new ways to connect with this group – the time is now!

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