Are You Making The Most Out Of Your Screens?

BDX is bringing you a world-class digital signage solution with simple management, engaging content, and seamless multi-location control. Simply plug in a recommended device into any TV and you have an engaging way to share and manage content in your sales centers, model homes, events, and office spaces. You can manage content on multiple screens from one central location.

Content Management System

Powerful and easy-to-use content management system for your displays. You can instantly deploy content across many displays at the same time.

Create & Post

A series of widgets makes creating and posting content easy.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates so that you’ll never need to worry about installing the latest version of our software. You’ll always have the latest security updates and new features.

Easy Dashboard

Easy dashboard makes it easy to manage and update content with the click of a mouse.

Live Content Preview

Live content preview—make sure that your displays look great from wherever you are. Set up your content in the Dashboard and preview what’s playing on any of your displays.

At-A-Glance Status View

See the status of all your devices at a glance. Check internet connectivity and take screenshots of what’s playing on any screen.

Online & Offline

Works online or offline—Your screens will never go down, even if the internet is disconnected.

Engage Visitors In Your Sales Center With Screenmaster Digital Signage

  • Engage your audience with rotating social media and news, digital menus, graphics and video, metrics, and more.
  • Showcase data from a variety of sources and keep your content relevant and timely to increase audience engagement.
  • Capture attention by installing your screens vertically rather than horizontally. Our devices work seamlessly with any combination of landscape or portrait displays.
  • Create playlists and time airings based on Special Events and Promotions.



From Offline to Online: The Buyer Journey

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