We will be continuously releasing new educational pieces about the state of COVID-19 and the impact on New Home Shoppers and the Building Industry. We also have a wealth of articles on best practices for connecting with remote shoppers who may be staying home more than normal. It’s important more than ever for us to help our industry stay informed and educated on how to continue to use new technology to connect in different ways. Below you will find embed code that you can add to your website to share some of this relevant content with your members. We will get through this together. Please stay safe and know that we are here for you.
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Featuring: Brandon Ridenour with ANGI Homeservices


This week we’re excited to have one of our BHI board members, Brandon Ridenour, join us. As CEO of ANGI Homeservices, Brandon will share his views on our current situation and the impact on the home services industry.

Articles on Connecting With Remote Home Shoppers


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