Virtual Showroom

CEDIA Virtual Showroom

Save money and keep all of your products up to date with the BDX Virtual Showroom in partnership with CEDIA. Position your company as a technology leader and show your customers what you can deliver with real time visuals. Create a sense of presence and emotion during the consultation and help your customers conceptualize with a virtual home automation experience.

How Does It Work?


We do the heavy lifting in partnership with manufacturers by accessing their modeled products catalog and implementing them in the CEDIA Virtual Showroom Platform. Each Virtual Showroom can be configured and branded for you to showcase your products to consumers. The CEDIA modeled products catalog has a base of 100 products with 33 brands and 65 products currently represented with the ability to add more*


  • Includes 10 product interactions and animations
  • Info card for every product in the home
  • Product changer (swap out TV, speakers, etc.)
  • Ability to turn TV’s on and off
  • Raise/lower blinds
  • Adjust lighting for recessed cove lighting
  • Day/night transition is available for the Gold package


Take the customer experience to the next level with a branded AR app. Use augmented reality to help customers visualize your products in their space. Once the branded app is downloaded, you can select from the product inventory and customers can view those products in their own home. It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Custom app development can be expensive, but the the CEDIA branded AR augmented reality app, you can have a branded experience for less.

  • Connect to all of the available rich content that is included in the app
  • App supports AR, UGC capture, and interactive features
  • Library of content already included

Matterport Showroom Tours

Bring your showroom online with Matterport Showroom Tours. This affordable solution allows customers to tour your showroom from the comfort of their home. Mattertags allow you to highlight items around the showroom with informative text-based comments anchored to points of interest in the 3D space that provide rich contextual detail about the products you want to offer while the viewer is navigating around the virtual showroom. 

  • Drive deeper, longer engagements
  • Boost return visits
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