Introducing The BDX Marketing Wizard

The BDX Marketing wizard aims to take the guesswork out of creating successful marketing plans. This free tool is available exclusively to BDX clients to help them schedule and plan their major marketing events while recommending industry best practice marketing tasks.

Create marketing events

The first step is to create a marketing event for your business by choosing from a list of popular events. You can even create your own custom events if you’d like.

Review your recommended marketing tasks

The Marketing Wizard will then automatically recommend industry best practice marketing steps based on the event you scheduled.

Add and remove tasks

Add additional default marketing tasks, or create your own tasks entirely.

Customize a task

Customize marketing tasks by selecting different styles to suit your needs.  The Wizard will rate these styles according to how well home shoppers respond to them.

Schedule your event!

Once happy with your event settings, save it and watch it appear on the Wizard timeline along with all of its corresponding marketing tasks

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