New Home Source Gallery Experience

The NewHomeSource Gallery Experience is a new visually appealing media gallery on This new experience with allow consumers to more actively engage with builders content.

Community Detail Layout

The On-page Community Detail gallery presents media in 5 viewing tiles. This allows the user to easily find all of the content available and easily select what they are most interested in.

FWIC Layout

Selecting any one of the 5 tiles on the On-Page Gallery opens the full width image viewer (FWIV) and displays available media. The FWIV is accessible from Community and Home detail pages. The FWIV supports the additional categories of media that are not displayed on the On-Page Gallery (see top menu on image.)

Homes in This Community

The Homes in this community displays a 3×3 grid of small thumbnail elevation images (ELE). The homes are the first 9 of the homes available on the community detail page. Selecting the “Homes in this community” grid of small thumbnail elevation images (ELE) opens the Full Width Image Viewer. Selecting one of the homes in the grid opens additional details of the home.

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