2024 Design and Product Trends

We tuned in to the 2024 Design and Product Trends presentation last week hosted by Jane Meagher, President of Success Strategies and Dawn Duhamel, VP of Business Development at DTJ Design to gain insight into what’s trending this year in design.

We asked our Designer here at BDX, Cecilia Gonzalez, to review the design trends and give her professional opinion. Here’s her recap for you that dives into each of the four main themes: connection, comfort, restoration, and retreat.

Manufacturers provide products that will allow us to design spaces that evoke a sense of belonging and tranquility, from the resurgence of craftsmanship to incorporating airy or moody colors and nature-inspired motifs. These trends will help us create spaces that provide a comforting and restorative environment.

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As we face a year that brings some uncertainty, it has become increasingly vital for us to foster our sense of belonging by connecting with ourselves, others, and the environment.

This need for connection is reflected in current design trends, emphasizing the value of craftsmanship and handcrafted details to help reflect our personality and create emotional attachment.

Many young people nowadays prefer to decorate their living spaces with unique decor items from local artists, vintage items found in thrift stores, and DIY projects. This approach allows them to create personalized and distinctive spaces that reflect their individuality and contribute to sustainability and community. This trend reflects the belief that true beauty lies in authenticity.

Several manufacturers showcased surfaces with textures that resemble raw natural materials and shapes inspired by nature. I was particularly impressed by Kohler and their Rista round vessel sink, which mimics the layering effects of water erosion in nature, and the Dal-Tile Artcrafted tile collection, which features handcrafted-inspired wall tiles and mosaics. These products are designed to provide tactile textures that add visual interest, depth, and personality to any space.

2024 Design and Product Trends,2024 home design,design trends,product design,home product design

Many people desire a sense of familiarity and comfort in their homes, and manufacturers are meeting this demand by reinventing traditional and farmhouse styles with modern interpretations. By doing so, they are able to create timeless designs that evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort, even down to something as simple as a bathroom fixture.

Two noteworthy examples of bathroom fixtures and cabinets were presented. Delta Saylor bathroom fixtures combine traditional and contemporary design elements, while Wellborn Cabinets offers Slim Shaker doors with a modern twist on the traditional Shaker style. These two examples demonstrate how subtle changes can help achieve a timeless design. I believe that both options provide a versatile style that can easily adapt to changing trends rather than being limited by a specific design style.

2024 Design and Product Trends,2024 home design,design trends,product design,home product design

This section emphasized nature-inspired tones and materials to restore our appreciation of the power of nature.

I particularly liked the Kichler Livadia and Malene light fixtures. Livadia’s shape is slightly asymmetrical and inspired by the natural growth of plants, while Malene represents the movement of rippling water. Both fixtures have soft curves and are based on traditional designs that help create a feeling of comfort. They would look stunning in dining rooms or foyers, and their sculptural qualities make them an easy way to make a statement.

The 2024 Sherwin-Williams color of the year, Upward, is an airy blue with gray undertones that will exude harmony in any space, bringing a touch of nature indoors. The lightness of this particular shade makes it a great choice for a room where you want to evoke tranquility. It can also be easily incorporated into textiles if you don’t want to commit to accent walls. The idea is to slowly incorporate colors that inspire us to feel at ease in our space.

2024 Design and Product Trends,2024 home design,design trends,product design,home product design

There is a strong emphasis on creating a peaceful and harmonious space, using products that anchor and help us retreat.

This section focuses on using moody colors to create a sense of grounding in a room. When these colors are applied to the walls, trim, and baseboard, it achieves a fully immersive color experience that can help promote a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Fluted detailing has become increasingly popular in furniture, lighting fixtures, and large-scale panels. The vertical grooves of fluting add depth, texture, and sophistication to design pieces. This classical motif not only evokes a sense of tradition and craftsmanship but also seamlessly integrates into contemporary aesthetics, offering a blend of nostalgia and modernity.

What are your thoughts on some of the latest design trends?

I feel excited and inspired after exploring the trends that are predicted for 2024. These trends emphasize the importance of connection, comfort, restoration, and retreat, which aligns perfectly with my design philosophy. I believe in creating spaces that promote well-being and harmony. The revival of craftsmanship and including nature-inspired elements offer endless possibilities for crafting visually stunning and meaningful environments. I am eager to integrate these trends into my work and help builders create spaces that reflect the unique personalities of their target audience and design spaces that promote relaxation and rejuvenation.