Reasons NewHomeSource Should Be In Your Marketing Mix

Smart marketers know that the right marketing can make or break you. It’s important to target the right consumers at the right stage of the journey. Marketing also has to be cost effective or it will drain your budget before it produces results. Here are a few reasons why NewHomeSource should be in your marketing mix.

  • Highly Targeted Audience is known for their highly targeted audience and the site itself is designed to attract homebuyers at the very beginning stage of the buyer journey. If you research the process of buying a home, more than likely you will find yourself in the learning center on NewHomeSource! This is key as to why NewHomeSource shoppers convert at a higher level than most sites, because they start with answering predictable questions early on.

  • Visibility

Most of the time when you want visibility you have to sacrifice quality to get it. That’s not always a terrible thing if you are building brand equity and planning for long-term success. When you list on NewHomeSource you get the benefit of building brand equity while filling your pipeline with a steady stream of qualified buyers.

  • Stand Out From The Competition

Let’s face it, no one wants to be shown up by their competition. By advertising on NewHomeSource you ensure that your listings are right alongside the 1,000+ builders that trust NewHomeSource as a valuable part of their marketing plan. Want to up the ante a little? By purchasing the spotlight position in your market you can be the number one listing on NewHomeSource for an entire month!

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  • Showcase Your Work

We know, that’s what your website is for, but NewHomeSource is designed to hold the content that home shoppers want to see to learn about your homes. It’s like opening your website to thousands of potential buyers that are outside of your current influence. It’s similar to the exposure that small businesses have gained by adding their inventory on Amazon, the consistency of the shopping experience alone results in higher sales.

  • Access to Analytics

As part of the listings program on NewHomeSource, you can access demographic data for every lead that you receive making it easier to identify who is shopping for your homes. Knowing this can help you shape your marketing messaging.

In summary, advertising on can be a valuable tool for home builders looking to attract more leads, increase sales, and differentiate themselves from the competition. By reaching a targeted audience and showcasing your work, you can position yourself as a leader in the industry and win more business.

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