Day or Dusk Renderings?

A two story home rendering during the day time.

There is a reason that so many famous poets and authors have chosen to write about sunsets. There is nothing quite like the fleeting satisfaction of the transition of day to night and the spectacle of colors created in the sky. Even in the most mundane situation or place, most people will take a moment to stop and appreciate the brilliance of a beautiful sunset even if it is setting over a grocery store parking lot. It makes one wonder if all renderings should feature beautiful sunsets.

A two story home rendering at dusk.

Would the magical display of pinks and orange create an emotional connection with our homes that would further entice buyers?

The answer might surprise you- it’s yes and no. Dusk renderings have proven to be a great addition to the homebuilder marketing mix. There is something to giving buyers a beautiful picture of what their home will look like with the sun setting in the distance as they drive up from a long day at the office. The warm glow from the windows of the home further draw them in like a warm hug and say, “Come inside.” It’s inviting, intimate and emotional- just the right recipe for successful marketing.

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So with all of this speculation, what do homebuyers actually prefer?

Given the choice, most respondents see value in both. Most fall in love with the way a home looks at dusk with the windows lit up, but they also like the amount of detail that you can see in a day rendering. It is true that a stronger light source provides a more realistic representation of the texture of stone or stucco. It can also help buyers understand depth. That same dramatic light difference casts an angled shadow that enhances our understanding of depth of field.

day renderings,dusk renderings,animated gifs,photoreal

If you just can’t decide which you prefer, don’t panic. Animated gifs offer an easy way to enjoy both. It’s often a small upgrade to add on a dusk version and very easy to create an animated gif of the day to night transition.

Day and dusk rendering of a new home.

Which do you prefer? We’d love to hear from you! Email us your questions about photo-real renderings or click here to learn more.