Essential Marketing: High-Quality Renderings

87% of home shoppers encounter a friction point along the home shopping journey and difficulty with visualization is the number one fork in the road when a home shopper is searching for a new home. Consumer expectations have changed and high-quality renderings can help home shoppers to not only be able to visualize the details, but also engage with a home emotionally.

Stuck In The Jargon

When builders talk about things like 4 inch trim around windows, we understand exactly how it will look and also how it frames a window and can make a home look overall more finished. Home shoppers may not notice visual details or comprehend what a description in a spec sheet is visually. Renderings bring an entire picture together. It can also bridge the gap for couples trying to make decisions. While one might be able to follow black and white architectural drawings and understand dimensions, the other may be very visual and need to “See it”.


While exteriors are usually the first thing that catches a home shopper’s eye, interiors are just as important for helping a home shopper have the confidence that they need to push through to the next step. Seeing how flooring coordinates with tile and countertops can make a huge impact. Seeing how a builder builds out windows and baseboards can also add an extra touch of visual confirmation that can justify the decision to build a new home vs. building a used home.


Buying a home is an emotional decision and a great rendering can help create the emotional connection that will keep home shoppers invested in the process. If you would like to learn more about Photo Real renderings from BDX, visit us at or email us.