How To Make A Community Animation Go A Million Marketing Miles

If you are launching a new community, an animation could be your best asset. Besides being the best way to tell your story, an animation can provide assets that can be a valuable tool for visual storytelling across your channels. BDX has created thousands of tours for home builders. Check out the Trilogy Community tour that BDX created for Shea Homes to see how we created a visual story of their new community. And here are a few ideas on how you can use your animation in different ways.

Your Website

This is a no brainer, but adding video to your website can really help drive traffic and conversions. Video gives a 157% organic traffic increase on SERP, making it one of the most impactful pieces of content that you can deploy.

Social Media

Long form animations are amazing pieces of content for your website or YouTube, but community animations can also be bite-sized into teasers for social media with a call-to-action to visit the website or sales center. Share-worthy teasers could highlight one aspect of the animation like the clubhouse or pool.

Community Listings

An endless amount of still renderings can be pulled from the tour. This means you can have high-quality renderings of just about every angle of your clubhouse, streetscape or pool to include in your community listings or on your website.

Sales Center

Most sales centers are moving to a self-service model. Community animations are the perfect addition to your sales center kiosk to present the entire vision before a shopper drills deeper into the details of which lot and which home.

Virtually Everywhere

Blog articles, email nurture campaigns, Connected TV, and billboards are just a few of the other places that you can leverage high-quality renderings and video snippets from your animation. The possibilities are endless.

To learn more about how animations can help you launch your new community, email us or visit for more information.