Leveraging TrustBuilder Reviews on Builder Websites

Since it’s launch the TrustBuilder ratings and reviews program has taken off. Over 37% of the communities on NewHomeSource.com feature TrustBuilder ratings and reviews – and this free program has proven to be an effective CX and SEO strategy.

But the program doesn’t stop there. One of the advantages of participating in the TrustBuilder program is that through syndication, builders, can publish their ratings and/or reviews on their own web sites. Building online credibility and trust is more important than ever. Builders can show that they participate in the TrustBuilder program, an independent, credible, trustworthy service, and can leverage good ratings and reviews for marketing purposes.

But the benefits extend beyond shopper engagement – there are also significant SEO benefits. The use of dynamic, user-generated content like TrustBuilder Ratings & Reviews can significantly boost search engine results for builder web sites.

Some builders have their TrustBuilder reviews featured on their home page while others like the Florida company, Homes By Westbay, have chosen to create a section of their site dedicated to their ratings and reviews. The landing page includes a brief introductory statement and then snippets of all of the customer reviews the builder has received since joining the TrustBuilder program. They use this page as a platform to respond to any concerns directly – a best practice when it comes to managing your reviews.

There is no charge from BDX for builders to participate in the TrustBuilder program or to use the syndication services. Interested in taking advantage? There are three ways to get the ratings and reviews data to publish to your website.

  • A trust mark graphic that can be used to show that the builder participates in TrustBuilder. This graphic includes the builder’s rating and the number of reviews. The graphic is automatically updated when the builder gets new reviews and it’s very easy to add to web pages.


TrustBuilder Ratings and Reviews Program Logo


  • A web API that enables builders to access all of the data for their ratings & reviews (in fact, this is the same API that BDX uses to drive the TrustBuilder pages and links on NewHomeSource.com). Using this API, builders can create their own ratings & reviews pages.
  •  A report (in CSV format) that also contains all of the data for their ratings & reviews. This report can be downloaded from BDX Live.

The TrustBuilder program is free for all BDX listings clients and is the most effective credible reviews program in the industry. Ready to get started? We’d love to hear from you at info@thebdx.com or you can learn more here.