The BYTE 2/10/23

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of social media core disciplines, ChatGPT, Super Bowl QR code ads, sales funnel content formats, and flying motorbike.


8 Social Media Marketing Core Disciplines 

Successfully seeing profit from social media today takes more than just posting content, it takes a series of skills and a strategic social media marketing plan. View eight core disciplines from this infographic to create a comprehensive and effective social media presence that helps drive results for your business.

Take Notes

ChatGPT’s AI Tool

The famous AI content tool ChatGPT generates text based on a specific prompt and is helping some marketers maximize their SEO and time. However, a human touch is still required because the technology isn’t perfect and makes mistakes, like misspelled words. Recently the AI company implemented ChatGPT Plus which offers even more valuable features to paid users. Learn more about ChatGPT and its benefits in Social Media Today’s article.

Super Bowl QR Code Ads

Although QR codes have been used before in Super Bowl ads, the 56th Super Bowl QR code ads elevated the TV advertising experience. QR codes within TV ads created a more engaging and interactive way to promote products. Check out some noteworthy Super Bowl QR Code ads on QrTiger’s blog post.

17 Assets for The Sales Funnel

Various types of content are impactful at different stages of the sales funnel. By offering relevant and valuable content at each step of the sales journey, businesses can establish trust with prospects, build relationships, and ultimately increase conversions.

The Team at Orbit Media have created an infographic with 17 content formats to inspire your own sales funnel strategy. View the infographic here.

Totally Unrelated

Flying Motorbike

ALI Technologies, a Japanese company, has just been listed on the Nasdaq stock market index. ALI technologies sell a “luxury hoverbike” called the XTURISMO. The hovercraft runs on electricity and can currently only hover for about 40 minutes, so, it’s not the most practical traveling vehicle. However, the news agency Reuter stated the flying motorbike is “a tool for rescue workers, infrastructure inspection and as a showpiece for the public entertainment.” Check out this invention in Gizmodo’s article.