The BYTE 2/17/23

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of TikTok’s Refresh feature, Super Bowl Advertising and Marketing, Twitter’s character limit, social media marketing best practices, and Uranus.


TikTok’s Refresh Feature

TikTok is well known for its curated For You page (FYP) that suggests content based on user engagement. The caveat with the FYP algorithm is what a user may have been interested in the past may be irrelevant in the present. TikTok is testing a new feature that can reset curated content and help create a better user experience. Learn more about this development in LaterBlog’s article.

Take Notes

Super Bowl Social Media Marketing VS. TV Advertising

The Super Bowl played a critical opportunity for traditional TV advertising, with 113 million people watching this year’s game live, but it wasn’t the only noteworthy marketing that stood out. Social media marketing surrounding the Super Bowl also made an impact. In fact, according to Marketing Dive, the hashtag #SuperBowlLVII trended on TikTok and doubled the TV live viewership with 225 million views. Read more insights on Super Bowl TV advertising and social media marketing on the link above.

Twitter’s 4,000 Character Count

If you’re a Twitter Blue subscriber, you might have noticed your character count has exponentially increased. Twitter upped Blue U.S.-based users’ length posts from 280 to 4,000 characters. This update marks the second time Twitter expanded its character limit, with the first happening in 2017. See more about this update on The Verge’s blog post.

24 Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Social media marketing is constantly evolving, and it is challenging to boost engagement. Sometimes to keep your social media efforts on the right track, you need to go back to the fundamentals. View this infographic to learn twenty-four do’s and don’ts of social media from expert and social media advisor Angie Gensler.

Totally Unrelated

A Voyage To Uranus

Kathleen Mandt, a planetary scientist from John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, reported that NASA has a voyage to Uranus lined up in the coming years. According to Mandt, NASA’s “list of priorities for the coming decade was the dearth of knowledge on the ice giants.” The space agency has flown by Uranus but never landed on it. Learn more about this development in Gizmodo’s article.