The BYTE: Digital Marketing Channels, Anti-Fluff Content Writing, SEO Page Title Tags, and More!

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of digital marketing channels, Instagram’s hashtag discoverability, anti-fluff content writing tactics, SEO Page Title Tags, and Amazon One’s contactless palm recognition service.

Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.



Instagram Expands Discoverability for Hashtags

Instagram is updating its hashtag results display, enabling creators to increase the chances of their profiles being viewed. Previously, when users searched for hashtags on the app, the “Top Posts” display showcased the most popular content. Now, when a user queries a hashtag, broader search results will be populated for the topic, boosting discoverability. Read more about Instagram’s update on Social Media Today’s blog post.


Take Notes 

Digital Marketing Channels to Help Drive Business

Getting your brand in front of consumers online is vital for your marketing plan to succeed. With multiple online marketing channels available, determine which digital channels fit your goals, target audience, and budget to optimize reach and engagement in the digital space. Semrush has put together a comprehensive guide to help walk you through the top ten digital marketing channels to adopt. Read more on the link above.

Cut the Fluff in Content Writing

Many writers are guilty of verbosity, but experienced writers know when to eliminate unnecessary words while self-editing. Cutting the fluff reduces the wordiness of your writing and helps make your content more impactful to the reader. Make every word count in your content writing with some anti-fluff tactics from Brafton’s article.

SEO Page Title Tag Best Practices

SEO Page Title tags play a major role in your SEO ranking and are one of your website’s first impressions. An effective approach for your SEO title tags is to have a title tag for every website page and use relative target keywords for search engines to discover. Learn SEO page title tag best practices to generate more organic traffic in Red Website Design’s blog post.


Totally Unrelated 

Amazon One Uses Your Palm to Checkout

Amazon released their new app, Amazon One, that gives its users a unique way to purchase merchandise. Instead of traditional payment methods, the app uses contactless palm recognition to streamline your shopping experience. Users can buy products with this service at select stores, such as Whole Foods Market stores, Amazon stores, and 150 third-party locations. It’s not just futuristic – it’s a glimpse into a world where convenience meets innovation. For an in-depth look at this groundbreaking technology, read TechCrunch‘s article.