The BYTE – Dreamy Backyard Features, 2024 Gold Nugget Winners, Homes for Cancer Patients, and More!

This week we’re taking a look at the trending features for creating a backyard oasis, the builders and designers honored with 2024 Gold Nugget awards, demand patterns that benefit private builders and a partnership with Taylor Morrison that provides homes for cancer patients at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Arizona.

Welcome to the BYTE, where you get to sink your teeth into the latest builder news.

Here are 6 Trending Outdoor Features for a Dreamy Backyard Oasis

With a focus on health and wellness, creating a backyard oasis is a growing priority for homeowners. With options and designs available to rival indoor living it’s easy to create an incredible staycation destination. Discover which outdoor space ideas are trending.

Going for the Gold (Nugget): Unveiling the 2024 Grand Award Winners

Builders and designers gathered at PCBS, the Pacific Coast’s regional real estate development conference and trade show with the hopes of a win. The program announced its 2024 grand honorees at a ceremony on June 19th, learn more about the homes and communities honored.

Market Analysis: Demand Patterns Benefiting Private Builders

There have been positive results for public builders so far in 2024, with many reporting record levels of sales and revenues. The year has also brought similar results for private builders with executives sharing largely positive sentiments about demand patterns. Read more about the strong demand and the competitive advantages over the resale market.

Taylor Morrison Builds Homes for 80 Cancer Center Patients in Arizona

A partnership between Taylor Morrison and Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center welcomed cancer patients into a new community within walking distance of the center in Gilbert, Arizona. Find out more about the homes that will help to eliminate the financial burden of travel and hotel stays for approximately 80 patients and their families each year.