The BYTE: Instagram Stickers, SEO Writing, Brand Loyalty, and More!

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of 2023 marketing techniques, Instagram stickers, SEO blog post tactics, brand loyalty fundamentals, and emergency cardboard beds.

Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.



Marketing Techniques to Adopt in 2023

With new marketing techniques emerging in the ever-evolving and transformative digital marketing world, brands may need more than the current tools in their marketing arsenal to see success. Adding new and innovative marketing techniques, such as the surround sound method, will help optimize and improve your strategy. Learn seventeen more marketing techniques from HubSpot’s blog post to help meet your goals.


Take Notes 

Instagram’s Sticker Experiments

Instagram (IG) is working on developing several stickers for stories that will help increase engagement and promotion. IG trends show that people are favoring stories and DMs over traditional posting. One of the new stickers allows creators to link their viewers to another platform, providing new product promotion opportunities. Read about two more unique Instagram stickers from Social Media Today‘s article.

SEO Writing Tactics for Blog Posts

According to Search Engine Journal’s research,  the first Google search engine result page (SERP) has an average click-through rate of 28.5% and the second page a click-through rate of 15.7%. It only decreases from there. One solution to ensure your website gets a higher SERP rank is SEO writing, including keywords, writing related to user intent, and different header types. Learn 13 SEO tactics here to help improve your website visibility and lead generation.

The Fundamentals of Brand Loyalty 

Today’s consumers expect superior customer service on top of a great product. Continuous excellent customer care can create an emotional connection and trust between a brand and a consumer. Loyal customers will feel inclined to spread the word about your brand, increasing your chances of sales. Learn how to tap into the power of brand loyalty with fundamentals and examples in Sprout Social’s blog post.


Totally Unrelated 

Cardboard Emergency Bed

Did you know cardboard can hold up a person? In fact, it can hold up to 700 pounds! Humanitaria, the Madrid-based startup, created a cardboard bed to provide shelters with beds in case of a disaster. The company’s simple cardboard design is more cost-efficient, accessible to store, and quicker to manufacture than traditional camping beds. Not to mention, the beds can be assembled within seconds, which is dire in emergencies. Read more about this invention in Fast Company’s article.