The BYTE: Instagram’s Carousel Reels, AI Content Marketing Benefits, Website Questions, and More!

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of Instagram’s Carousel Reels, content marketing AI benefits, questions your website needs to answer, Facebook Business Page best practices, and NASA’s next-generation spacesuit.

Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.



Instagram’s Adding Carousels to Reels

With Reels being Instagram’s fastest-growing source, the company constantly tests ways to enhance the feature. The latest report by app researcher Radu Oncescu points to the social platform focusing on adding carousels into their Reels. According to SocialInsider’s findings, Carousel is the most engaging post form and gets an average of 1.92% engagement on a post. So, it’s no surprise that Instagram would want to create a collaboration between the two. Read Social Media Today‘s blog post to learn more about this development and how it can maximize your reach.


Take Notes 

Content Marketing Strategies With AI

Many marketers are adopting AI into their marketing practices. In fact, WebFX stated, “22% of marketing professionals worldwide use AI.” Content Marketing Institute recently asked industry leaders their opinion on the potential of AI. The consensus is the technology is excellent with the assistance of technical tasks, including performance data, research, SEO, and brainstorming, but it has limitations. However, the creative side of content marketing should be left to humans. Read more insights from the experts on the link above.

Best Practices to Grow Your Facebook Business Page 

Establishing a Facebook Business Page, as seen with renowned brands like Nike and Cheetos, is a strategic move to tap into the platform’s vast three billion monthly users. Learn best practices to build and manage your Facebook Business on Hootsuite‘s article to connect and engage with potential prospects and grow your audience.

Eight Questions Your Website Should Answer

Red Website Design’s research shows the average time users stay on a web page before they leave is only 10 seconds. In that limited time, your landing page needs to address their pressing questions, such as what are you selling? Meeting their expectations and engaging them with your content improves user experience, boosts engagements, and increases conversions. View this infographic to learn the top questions your website visitors want answered immediately.


Totally Unrelated 

NASA’s Next-Generation Spacesuit

Collins Aerospace, the creators of NASA’s next-gen spacesuit for spacewalks, achieved a milestone by successfully testing its fit and functionality in microgravity-like conditions on an airplane. While scientists will conduct more tests to see how the suit design holds up in a space-like atmosphere, the suit aims to replace the current, used for the last 20 years, with a lighter, more technologically advanced design. Read more about the spacesuit in Digital Trends‘ article.