The BYTE – Pet-Friendly Homes, Color Trends, Urban-Suburban Fusion and More!

This week we’re taking a look at a designing pet-friendly homes, the psychology of color trends, houseplans for narrow lots and urban-suburban Fusion.

Welcome to the BYTE, where you get to sink your teeth into the latest builder news.

Barkitecture: How to Design a Pet-Friendly Home

Home design is going to the dogs, with many pet-owning households across North America. The popularity of pet ownership is redefining what a perfect family home looks like, making sure all household members are accounted for in the design- even those with four legs. Read more here.

How Color Trends are Going All-in on Psychology

Today’s color trends reflect an enthusiasm for self-expression and bold colors. What’s interesting about this trend cycle is the incorporation of design techniques that consciously leverage how color and texture makes us feel, in addition to how they look. Follow the trend.

Narrow Lot Houseplans

Fitting a narrow lot isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to appeal to home buyers with a variety of different needs and situations. This new house plan manages to squeeze in three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a ton of style with just 1,483 square feet. And unlike a lot of narrow-lot homes, this one is all on one level. That opens it up to those looking to age in place, along with starter-home buyers.

Urban-suburban Fusion: How New Communities are Redefining Modern Living

No longer content with having to choose between an urban lifestyle and the conveniences of new suburban communities, buyers are now looking for the best of both worlds. New communities have always been a place to find a great home and the personal space that dense urban living could not accommodate. Get the story here.