The BYTE – Student Design Challenge for Coastal Communities, Renters Ability to Own a Home, Beauty in Accessibility, and More!

This week we’re taking a look at a student challenge that could help coastal communities, renters anxious about their ability to become homeowners, seeing the beauty in accessibility and saying goodbye to all-white kitchens.

Welcome to the BYTE, where you get to sink your teeth into the latest builder news.

Student Design Challenge Could Help Build More Resilient Coastal Communities

Learn more about the Envision Resilience Challenge is a program that brings together students and faculty from eight universities and seeks creative solutions to environmental challenges. With research and proposed design, solutions are found to help coastal regions adapt to the impacts of climate change.

A Majority of Prospective Home Buyers Fear the Long-Term Impact of Renting

Many renters feel they are not making a long-term investment for their future and rent increases could continue to affect finances, however they are often also unable to access the housing market to make the change from renter to buyer. Learn more here.

Accessibility Is Sustainability—and It Can Be Beautiful, Too

The three pillars of sustainability are defined as the environment, economy, and society. A crack in the societal pillar can form when we look at diversity, equity, and inclusion: accessibility. Discover how making a space accessible can add to the beauty of the building.

White Is Out: Designers Get Bold With Kitchen Colors

All-white kitchens have been a favorite for years, however 2024 is bringing color back to the heart of the home, giving homeowners a way to express their personality with design and décor choices. Find out the best strategies to use to include color in the kitchen.