The Home Buying Process with Visualizers

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting purchases most people will make in their lives. As a home builder, it’s important as you are planning your technology and marketing strategy to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes every step of the way during their shopping and buying journey.

With so many choices and decisions that a buyer needs to make, how do you make the process stress-free and even fun?

One solution is to use interactive room visualizers (ideally as part of your online design center) to create a memorable experience.

So, you’re ready to help your buyers immerse themselves in the reality of buying a fully configurable home with visualizers? Where do you start? Not all visualizers are created equal – so here are a couple of things to consider as you are planning your strategy.

  • Let Your Buyers Compare Scenes Side By Side

Envision interactive visualizers allow buyers to configure multiple scenes and view them side by side to assist with the hefty decision making process. Home shoppers during user testing were excited and inspired by the patent-pending comparison slider that allows shoppers to create two scenes with different selections and slide the screen vertically or horizontally to compare the two different looks. A first for home visualizers, this feature takes comparison shopping beyond side-by-side lists of features for a true experience of how two different scenes would look.

Visualizers that allow side by side comparison also create new opportunities for deeper collaboration between co-buyers and designers. Designers can showcase multiple scenes to better understand buyers’ needs during design consultations and be better prepared for these appointments.

  • Integrate Visualizers With the Rest Of Your Buyer Journey

Creating stand alone visualizers is just the tip of the iceberg, you can also use them within your online design center and throughout the rest of your online buyer journey. BDX fully integrates their visualizers with the leading online design studio, Envision. So shoppers can not only compare options but also view full product details with guides, videos and photos. Then, if they are in the home design process, they can complete the experience and add the products they love to their Envision Wishlist for their design center appointment.

Bottom line, visualizers are a game changer for the online home design and buying process. We’d love to give you a demo and talk through your digital strategy and see how you can leverage this solution to improve your home shopper journey. Connect with us at