The BDX Consumer Optix Program includes rich consumer data with every BDX lead.

It’s FREE when you list with New Home Source!

What if a home buyer lead was delivered with information about their purchase behavior, estimated income, and details about their current home? Now with BDX’s new lead augmentation, you will get more details about your prospective buyers allowing you to segment your leads and develop personalized follow-up plans.
  • Homebuying Segments
  • Segment Demographics
  • Life Events
  • Purchase Behaviors
  • Interests
  • Household Size
  • Estimated Income
  • Current Property Data
  • Work at Home/ Business Owner
  • Home Attribute Preferences
  • Area Preferences
  • Engagement Data
  • Number of Visits
  • Total Time on Site
  • Number of Direct Lead Actions
  • Number of Indirect Lead

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Gain access to fifteen consumer profiles that have shopped your homes. It’s everything you need to know to take your marketing to the next level!

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