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The Starting Point for All of our SEO/PPC Plans

When we work with home builders on their SEO strategies, we use an in-depth website analysis to create a full plan to optimize your site quickly, and then strategize to generate continuous traffic growth over time. As a starting point for all clients, our audits include:


Current Search Status Assessment

Search Strategy Planning Discussion

In Depth SEO Audit and Action Plan

Builder-Specific On Page & Off Page Strategies

All of our SEO packages include both on page edits and optimization and local SEO off-page optimizations. Our on-page optimization structure is designed to create the most impact possible while also making incremental updates. Our off-page optimization structure builds links and traffic back to your sites, with the goal of creating qualified home leads. And because we work exclusively with builders, our solutions are tailored for your unique needs.

Monthly Reporting and Performance Reviews

Weekly and monthly reporting is included, along with conference calls on a bi-weekly or as-needed basis to discuss new opportunities and review business needs.  Reporting will include: Keyword ranking, reporting, SEO organic performance dashboards, and SEO monitoring reports to track errors and identify opportunities.

PPC Management

We can add Pay-Per-Click Management to your SEO package to optimize performance and drive additional, predictable traffic to your website.  We work each month to improve your performance as we learn which terms and marketing campaigns are successful. Our team is continuously optimizing your site and pages for higher performance and lower cost per click. We charge a flat rate fee for PPC Management.

SEO for Home Builders – FAQ

How does BDX stay on top of the latest search marketing trends for builders?
BDX aggressively tests new technologies and is generally involved in most Google and Yahoo!/Bing paid search betas.  We have dedicated account teams from both Google and Yahoo!/Bing and exposure to the latest techniques while still in beta development.  Because we test, optimize, and assess betas directly in the real estate homebuilder/developer vertical markets, we offer insights few agencies have.
What is BDX's approach to SEO for builders?
By recruiting BDX for your search marketing services, you’ll reap the benefits of our specialized new home industry knowledge and our strong price-to-value ratio. For years, BDX has worked to optimize our own sites with outstanding results.  As you might guess, our primary targeted search terms are “[city] new homes” in the top 150 new home cities.  Toward that end we typically have 145 of the #1 positions, and in all cases are on the first page of Google search results.

Our approach provides a foundation of best practices to minimize risk of search engine penalties, which leads to enhanced crawl rates and indexing accuracy. We use premium search marketing tools and leverage our expertise in using these tools to provide accurate, valuable, high-quality, actionable information to clients.

What are white-hat methods and does BDX use them?
Our work has resulted in top SEO performance via white-hat (i.e., Google acceptable) methods.  There are many methods to attain high rankings in search engines.  Search ranking algorithms inevitably change.  By sticking to highly effective white-hat methods, we deliver strong results that significantly reduce risks when search ranking algorithms change.
Who does your SEO work? Does BDX outsource this?
All analysis is performed in-house by a team with extensive experience in real estate. By performing the work in-house, we ensure a high level of deliverable quality while eliminating third party overhead.

We have direct homebuilder and developer experience.  This enables us to ask better questions and often dig deeper to uncover issues and spot opportunities.

What kind of results does BDX see for clients?
Performance can vary widely based on factors such as the current state and willingness to implement changes in a timely fashion. Recent BDX campaigns have seen builder website traffic jump from 25% to 60%.
What does your initial set-up and strategy meeting include?
The process begins with a search strategy conversation and keyword discovery exploration session.  This is the conference call in which goals are defined and information is gathered to help inform goals, set preliminary keyword targets, and review current business needs.  Prior to that meeting, we will send a small list of credential requests so that we can complete our preliminary analysis of your websites as a portion of the first month of service.
Why do you place an emphasis on updating copy for on-page SEO efforts?
This is due to the fact that search engines such as Google like to see continuously growing and changing websites as opposed to ones that have become stagnant.  These pieces are also professionally crafted to increase Click Through Rate and exposure for your websites, communities, and homes.  On-page work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Content Creation
  • SEO Content Tweaks
    • HTML Optimization
    • Keyword Optimization
    • Content Structure Optimization
  • SEO Tagging
    • Page Title Optimization
    • Meta Description Optimization
    • Header Tag Optimization
    • Anchor Text Optimization
    • Image Alt Optimization
  • Internal Linking Structure Optimization
    • User Behavior Analysis
    • On-Page Lead Funnel Optimization
    • Local Optimization
      • Google My Business Listing Creation
      • Best Practice Google Listing Content Creation

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