Web Quality Stills

30 Still-Photographs From The Tour –  Images in this package are web quality.

Highlight Reel

The bar at the bottom of the tour to the right is the Highlight Reel.

With the Matterport highlight reel, you can curate a gallery of the most interesting features of a space – called highlights. For example, point your audience toward that expansive view from the second-floor study, or emphasize key upgrades, all via the highlight reel. The viewer can either jump to each of these images in the tour or play it as a guided tour.

The Complete Tour Difference

An incomplete Matterport Tour:

A complete Matterport Tour from BDX:


Mattertag content provides the opportunity to annotate points in real space just as you do photos and other digital content; providing viewers with more information, important details, and expanded opportunities for engagement.

10 Mattertags are included with single purchase

Matterport Virtual Reality (VR)

Matterport Tours now come with a Virtual Reality option. Best of all it is very easy to use, an icon will appear on your screen, simply click on the VR Goggles icon in the lower right, choose your device, such as a Google Cardboard, and experience the tour in Virtual Reality!

Guided Matterport Tour

What was once only available via an expensive steady-cam tour can now be achieved for a fraction of the cost through BDX! This unique smooth action video walk-though is designed to give viewers a true sense of exploring a home. Guide them through your listing, from the comfort of their couch.

Enhanced HDR Photography

Most realtor packages begin with “standard photography.” Windows end up too bright to see through and the nuances of natural lighting get lost. BDX raises the standard by offering HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos as our base product. Multiple Exposure HDR photography more closely emulates how the human eye might view a particular room. Allowing your customer to experience your listing both inside and out. No more white windows, just a beautiful home.

With our Enhanced HDR Photography we take it even one step farther and beautifully show every single part within the shot.

• Cost effective, yet unrivaled quality.
• Professional service from our team of experienced
• Shoot time: 1-2 hours
• 16 to 24 proofs; 8 final photos (Extras $50 each)

Black & White Floor Plan

BDX offers Black & White Floor Plans that can be taken straight from your Matterport tour.

360 Photography

With 360 photography you are able to show a whole room as if you were standing there. Capture a full room and explore a whole area so that your potential buyers can really see the whole picture. Our 360 photography is usable basically anywhere and even view able on Facebook!

Viewable on any web browser or embed within websites.

360 Video

360 Video is a fantastic new solution that allows users to look around and be guided through a home or community or anywhere! This is about as close as you can get to having the user walk around a model with a sales agent talking them through the house.

Drone Photography

Drone photography gives you a beautiful aerial view of your properties. This breathtaking new photography produces beautiful photos and gives a sense of place to any home or community.

15 images included with a single purchase

Drone Video

Drone Video really takes your marketing efforts to the next level. All BDX Drone pilots are FAA certified and ensured. Film pretty much anything: entry monument, model home, streetscapes, amenities, etc.

15 images and 5 raw video clips included with a single purchase. 

To create a finished, edited drone video using the raw footage please contact us for pricing

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