Interactive Home Cutaway

Effectively display all of your homes’ construction and green features

  • A great way to give potential buyers a glimpse at your homes’ hidden advantages.
  • Place on your website to communicate what features your homes have to offer.
  • Can be re-purposed at a reduced cost for different regions in the country.
  • Can be easily converted to a static image for print to be displayed in your sales centers.

Interactive Site Plan

ISPs show real-time lot availability and lot information. Home shoppers are able to easily see placement, proximity to parks, amenities and plan restrictions by lot. This versatile, interactive piece of content is a valuable tool to add to your website or sales center. Viewable on an iPad, your sales team can also take lot information on the go as they tour the community with prospects.

With the new ISP design, lot details now display in a pop up window when you hover over or click on a lot making it easier for home shoppers to see the details of the lot at a glance.
You have the ability to add a single thumb nail image to the lot pop up box. Add an elevation photo, lot image, etc.
It’s now easier to see what plans can be built on the lot you have selected. The second tab shows all other available, clicking on one of the plans in the pop-up will highlight the plan details in the right panel.
We can now “hot spot” your amenities, walking trails, parks, lakes, etc… Highlight each area by adding a description and thumb nail image to each area.



Visual Content Playbook

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