Self-Guided Home Tours

Bring More Buyers To Your Door

Today’s Consumers Expect A Different Experience

More Convenience.

Less Sales Pressure.

A Better Experience.

Why UTour?

Utour allows home shoppers to visit a model home any time without having to meet with a sales person—a great solution for current conditions and always great for people who want a little more control over their own experience.

  • Invite home shoppers to tour inventory homes or models 24/7. 
  • UTour Voice creates a customized, interactive sales presentation using Amazon Alexa or Google Home technology.
  • In a 2019 BDX National Home Shopper study, 50% of home shoppers reported that they preferred to walk the home alone.
  • UTour brings ready, engaged, and motivated buyers straight to your sales team. Outreach campaigns before and after the tour encourage engagement with your team.



The  Home Shopper Experience

The interested home shopper visits your website or views your listing and finds a home that they want to tour via your Utour.

They select the date and time that works with their schedule and then schedule the tour, right from their phone or computer.

They create an account, giving you valuable lead information and validate their identity.

The home shopper receives an email with tour and home details and a code to unlock the door at their selected time.

The code unlocks the door and gives the home shoppers an hour to tour the home for their appointment.

Home shoppers are able to tour the home and interact with Alexa, allowing them to ask questions. Alexa is pre-loaded with hundreds of questions.

Select the homes that will be available for self-guided tours and install the digital lock systems. You can do this or arrange to have UTour handle the installation for you.

Add your UTour the homes that you have selected for self-guided tours to your website through a data feed or manually by updating them in your CMS.

Get your team on board and select who will receive the tour notifications.


Review the details of each tour after the tour has been completed via a detailed report, your dashboard or through your  CRM with a CRM integration.

After each tour is completed, a post-tour survey and two additional follow up emails and texts are sent to the home shopper with calls to action to connect with the sales team. Builders are encouraged to follow up with additional nurture campaigns for best results.


The  Home Builder Experience

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