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Chad is a sought after speaker for events around the country. He is often invited to speak about technology trends, she-conomy, digital transformation, home buyer insights, and more. He can also custom tailor a presentation for your group.

Chad Bria

Digital Marketing Consultant

Chad Bria started in the internet world before AOL sent you 4 CDs a week, and was just a chat room on a 14,400 baud dial up modem.  Learning from a programmer once a week, while maintaining a call center position, Chad was able to learn not just how to build and replace computer hardware, but how to effectively use the web.  Over time, allowing SEO consulting to play a part in his development, many of those clients using the same strategies Chad laid out, 10 years later.

Aggressively learning everything he could since then, has allowed him to consult with clients on marketing and tech ideas, which typically save them time and money.  He’s consulted with clients as large as Builder 100 clients and franchisors, to small remodelers and even a pawn shop.  The common thread between each, they all benefited from Chad’s digital marketing strategies, many seeing ranking improvements or database generation within just a few weeks.

Simply put, Chad’s goal is to become a part of your marketing department, leaving behind the traditional vendor role, and truly wearing a company logo in a consultative manor.  Your budget is his budget, only spending where it’s absolutely necessary, and finding less expensive solutions or training on a way to do it yourself.  His whole goal is to lighten your workload in due diligence and save you money while doing it.

After all, who wouldn’t want 20 years of internet experience on their team at no cost, while finding cutting edge solutions?

Chad has delivered presentations to groups of 20-500 and can cover the following topics or create a presentation that is unique for your group:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Marketing 101
  • Marketing to the Green Buyer
  • Home Buyer Insights — Understanding the Buyer Journey
  • Sheconomy: How to woo, wow, and win the female buyer


In order to deliver a high quality presentation, Chad requests the following:

  • Chad will bring his own laptop for the presentation.
  • Speakers
  • Wireless Internet Connection
  • Wireless mic for groups of 50+ people
  • HDMI Enabled projector


Chad is a sought after speaker at events across the country. He has spoken at:

  • Southwest Builders Show
  • Utah State Conference
  • BIA Economic Summit
  • Various HBA Events



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