Real Time Chat Experiences For Builder Web and Mobile Sites

Our Consumers Are Changing And Expect Real Time Experiences

The Chatbot For Builders

BDX partnered with AtlasRTX to develop a ChatBot for the building industry. We leveraged our insights in common home shopper searches to develop a highly effective ChatBot for the industry.

  • BuilderBot is customized to represent your builder brand.
  • BuilderBot can leverage your BDXLive data to have informed and accurate conversations with your shoppers.
  • BuilderBot is relatively easy to implement with limited technical involvement because the BuilderBot is connected to and leverages all the builder’s home and community content contained in BDXLive.
  • Resulting new home shopper leads and chat content are also provided to the builder via BDXLive (and connections to builder’s CRM systems).



Basic Anatomy Of The BuilderBot

The BuilderBot is deployed on top of the Builder’s website and mobile experience.
When a new home shopper engages with the BuilderBot, the BuilderBot knows the page and content the shopper is visiting/seeing.
The BuilderBot engages with the Shopper following optimized conversation recipes that asks and answers structured and natural language questions about the shopper needs, builder, communities and home plans.
The BuilderBot is designed to drive intended valuable shopper actions including obtaining shopper’s contact information, drive visits to community, enable direct and immediate contacts and calls to the builder.
All of this capability and content is powered through two-way API connections to the BDXLive data source, an accessible cloud storage of the chat conversations, and powered by an AI optimization engine.
Reporting and analytics are included with BuilderBot so you can track progress and make adjustments.
Contacts and CRM connections customized based on BDX Live Setup.

Leveraging Home Shopper Insights

While working with AtlasRTX we incorporated all of our expertise to create a ChatBot that delivers a great experience for home shoppers. Here are some of the key insights:

ChatBots VS LiveChat

In a comparison, ChatBots exponentially outperformed LiveChat on every level:

  • Features and functionality – 100+ languages are supported.
  • Response, accuracy, dependability, flexibility, extensibility, availability (24/7).
  • Performance – number of leads, shopper insights & intelligence, etc.
  • Consistency in the buyer experience from interaction to interaction.
  • Flow to direct shoppers to identify a community and schedule a model home visit.
It is important to understand how shoppers will interact with your BuilderBot
  • 7 to 10 is the average number of Chat exchanges in a conversation
  • 22 Chat exchanges is common in a Community and Home Search sessions

A great mobile experience is critical. 2-3X chats on mobile vs desktop.


We must meet the needs of shoppers on their time. 40% to 50% of all chats occur outside office hours.

Creating a Recipe for Success

Our BuilderBot program focuses on driving intended actions like:
  • Gathering lead information
  • Collecting new home shopper preferences
  • Driving visits to the community
With BuilderBot, you can develop specific conversation flows for different areas of your website:
  • Home Page
  • Corp Pages
  • State/Division Pages
  • Community Pages
Continue to improve

Optimize with monthly testing, analysis and reporting for web and mobile users.


Partnership with AtlasRTX

BDX has partnered with AtlasRTX, a leader in real-time experiences, to bring BuilderBot to the building industry.

  • Leading Homebuilder Chatbot partner, supporting custom to national builders for 4+ years.
  • With a unique focus on builders from Day 1, AtlasRTX understands the prospective buyer journey and is constantly improving a chatbot’s training to optimize prospective buyer engagement.
  • Specific products focus on the prospective buyer journey from BuilderBot, intended to capture prospective buyers on your website, to SalesRTX, a tool to automate sales follow-up, and ServiceRTX, a tool to engage and delight your home owners.
  • The future of great CX is a Real-Time Experience. And the future is here.



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