SalesMaxx is designed to maximize every opportunity and immerse
buyers in rich content that will not only inspire, but connect with them on a more emotional level. Our SalesMaxx kiosk experience  has everything that you need to deliver the perfect experience at the perfect moment.

Make your job easier, make money go further, and drive sales through the roof.


The industry’s first full-scale content delivery solution that maps the entire customer journey. It all starts with our multi-touch kiosk, but comes with all the rich content your customers need for a fully immersive experience along their journey.

From Online To Offline

Consumers begin their journey online, but the experience from online to offline in your sales center can be seamless, fun, and inspiring with SalesMaxx. Your story is unique and that’s why SalesMaxx is built around you. We can curate the journey for you with all of the stunning assets that engage buyers.

Kiosk Experience

The Kiosk Experience utilizes a multi-touch interactive design that facilitates an easy path to compare plans, view lots and see the community area.

• BDX Live Content Integration 
• Google Map API integration 
• Interactive Site Plan Console
• CRM database integration 
• Creates and emails a brochure to your buyers based on each session.
• Complete flexibility

Add our SalesMaxx content package to your kiosk which includes:

Online VR Tour

Online VR Tours are an immersive and engaging virtual reality experience that allows your visitors to use video game style controllers and an optional virtual reality headset to explore all that your homes have to offer in real time. 

Virtual Walkthrough

Virtual walkthroughs are virtual models that can be put in your sales center or on the web to generate interest and engagement for unbuilt plans. 

Interior Animation

Interior animations take still images to the next level and give buyers a greater sense of space.

Interior Renderings

20 Photoreal interior renderings of the rooms in your homes.

Interior Visualizer

Allow buyers to swap out materials on cabinets, floors, and walls with our interior material option changer.

Exterior Renderings for Each Elevation

Output an unlimited number of exterior renderings at varying angles and perspectives with 4K output.

2D Images of a 3D Floor Plan

Hardware Solutions

We’ve partnered with Digital Touch Systems to deliver cutting edge, affordable and flexible hardware solutions. Discover PCAP Technology:
  • Waterproof
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Dust Proof
  • Anti-Glare Coating
  • Multi-Touch

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