An Apples to Apples Look at Rendering Styles

Are you comparing apples to oranges? Often times we have to make decisions without an equal comparison and it can be difficult to know if you are really making the right choice. We’ve included a few side-by-side renderings to help you compare apples and feel good about your decision.

Why is it important to nail down the best image? Aside from the value of making a first impression or catching the eye of a home shopper scrolling through listings, better images help homes sell on average 32% faster according to VHT. That’s one more reason to put your best foot forward.

BDX Photo Real Day Rendering

Rendering of a large two story home with two car garage and large porch

BDX Standard Day Rendering

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Considering Day or Dusk? Below is a direct comparison of a Photoreal Day and Dusk rendering. If you still can’t decide, you may not need to. For a small fee more you can get both, along with an animated gif that transitions from day to night.

Photoreal Day and Photoreal Dusk Comparison

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One story home with pool at dusk

Would you like to take your renderings to the next level? BDX delivers high-quality, best-of-class renderings at an affordable rate. Email us or visit for more information.