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Hands using a touch screen on a table top kiosk.

SalesMaxx: A Home Buying Immersive Experience

In the home building industry, staying up-to-date with technology will give your business the tools you need to beat out the competition. With so many homebuilders out there fighting for…

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day renderings,dusk renderings,animated gifs,photoreal

Day or Dusk Renderings?

There is a reason that so many famous poets and authors have chosen to write about sunsets. There is nothing quite like the fleeting satisfaction of the transition of day…

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A person with a megaphone over their head and the BYTE logo.

The BYTE: YouTube Shorts’ AI Feature, Social Media ROI, Marketing Power Words, and More!

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of YouTube Shorts’ AI feature, social media ROI , visual marketing strategies, marketing power words, and the Tesla of chicken coops. Welcome to…

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Close up of a camera lens with new home advertising goals.

Put Your New Home Advertising Goals In Focus

Conversations about advertising often come to the forefront, with September coming to an end and annual planning on the horizon for many builders. We’ve consulted with our advertising experts for…

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online vr,visual content,marketing,new homes,builders

Online VR

When it comes to online tours, BDX offers two product families, Virtual Walkthroughs that allow you to navigate throughout the home and Visualizers, which allow you test drive various options…

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advertising,newhomesource,listings,retargeting,native ads,geofencing solutions,brand awareness

A is for Autumn… and Advertising

With the seasons changing, it’s a good time to take a moment to check your advertising dollars are allocated wisely. As marketers, reaching the audience you care about is important,…

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A person sitting in front of a camera on a tripod with a laptop next to them and the BYTE logo centered over.

The BYTE: Email Segmentation, Meta’s Carousel Ads, Blog Post Templates, and More!

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of social media video specifications, email segmentation, Meta’s carousel ads, blog post templates, and Joby’s air taxis. Welcome to the BYTE, where we…

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Looking over a persons shoulder at a laptop screen with a new home visualizer displayed.

The Customer Journey

Imagine a buyer journey where a home shopper can locate, tour, envision and even design and personalize their new home, all in an online, immersive real time 3D experience. With…

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The Home Buying Process with Visualizers

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting purchases most people will make in their lives. As a home builder, it’s important as you are planning your technology…

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BDX’s SalesMaxx Kiosk Uses Touch to Change the Future of New Home Sales

Homebuilders take note; Self-service technology is here to stay, and the past few years has only accelerated its adoption. Whether it’s ordering autonomously at your favorite restaurant or checking out…

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A person looking through binoculars with the BYTE logo in front of it.

The BYTE: Social Media Search, Content Marketing Prompts, Audience Insights, and More!

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of social media search, content marketing prompts, an award-winning content campaign, audience insights, and classroom robots. Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve…

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lead generation,recommended communities,new home advertising

Recommended Community Leads on NewHomeSource

Now more than ever, people rely on recommendations when making buying decisions. Home shoppers on NewHomeSource are actually asking for personalized recommendations. Personalized recommendations have become expected and welcomed by…

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