New Visualizers Take Online Design And Options Selection To The Next Level For New Home Shoppers

September 14, 2021, Austin, TX – This week BDX unveiled the latest in their series of online design and visualization tools. The company’s new 360 degree visualizer user interface leverages full width room view, a comparison slider feature and direct integration with product details from the Envision Online Design Center. This latest update to BDX’s Visualizers joins the company’s full suite of visualization tools including full virtual walkthroughs, the leading online design center, and more.


Visualizer of a living room with couch, coffee table, lamp, and ceiling fan.


The new BDX visualizer experience allows home shoppers to make selections and visualize their choices in real time, taking away the guess work involved in designing a new home. The full width screen view gives buyers the most complete experience to change products, colors, and finishes in real time and then save their favorites and share with family and friends.

We know that being able to visualize different options in a home is critical to every stage of the home buying process from shopping to final design,” said Alpana Arora, GM, Technology Solutions and Vice President of Client Experience. “Our new visualizers engage and inspire shoppers who are just beginning their home buying journey and give confidence to buyers who have contracted and are making final selections to their home.”



Home shoppers during user testing were excited and inspired by the patent-pending comparison slider that allows shoppers to create two scenes with different selections and slide the screen vertically or horizontally to compare the two different looks. A first for home visualizers, this feature takes comparison shopping beyond side-by-side lists of features for a true experience of how two different scenes would look.

To add another layer of detail, BDX fully integrates their visualizers with the leading online design studio, Envision. So shoppers can not only compare options but also view full product details with guides, videos and photos. Then, if they are in the home design process, they can complete the experience and add the products they love to their Envision Wishlist for their design center appointment.

Builders are already using the new visualizers and seeing the results of an elevated customer experience.

“We are so excited for the new 360 visualizers for our customers and our design teams.  The ability to select and review different colors and textures with the different available options and finishes is where we need to be as a builder in our industry,” said Sherri Drew, VP of Design Studios for Tri Pointe Homes. “Customers see these types of solutions on shows they are watching on TV and they expect us, as a national builder, to have these tools available.  We rolled out the new and improved 360 visualizer with the slide bar to compare different curated scenes so our customers can make the best decisions when purchasing their options.”

According to Kevin Carlson, Product Manager for Ivory Homes, the new BDX Visualizers are helping this regional builder create an engaging and dynamic customer experience for their shoppers. Carlson says, “The new Envision Visualizer is an amazing tool to increase our homebuyer service and experience.  The ability that our homebuyers now have to see real options and finishes makes them more confident and efficient with their design decisions.  It enhances the homebuyer’s ability to see the design elements together and at the same time it sets a reasonable expectation for when they come to our design center.  It’s fantastic.”

Joshua W. Gunter, Corporate Operations & Process Improvement Manager, Drees Custom Homes is already singing the praises of the new design and features, “We love it!  The interface is so much cleaner and easier to navigate – there’s more space available to view the scene and it just has an overall sleeker feel.  We can’t wait to see what customers have to say!”

Hundreds of new BDX visualizers are live today. If you would like a personal demo of the visualizers, or any of our online and design visualization tools, please contact