The BYTE: Google Attribution Model, Social Media Tricks, AI in Marketing and More!

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of AI in marketing, social media tricks, Google’s advertising attribution model update, TikTok’s Earth Month program, and AI podcasters.

Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.


The Future of AI in Marketing

Chat GPT, the chatbot created by OpenAI and other popular AI-powered tools, has skyrocketed the adoption of the technology in marketing. As AI advances, marketers leverage it to gain insights, automate processes, and optimize campaigns like never before. But this only skims the surface of AI’s potential in marketing. Adweek had industry experts weigh in on how they believe AI will impact various marketing mediums in the future. One underlying factor from their responses was that AI still needs human supervision. Learn what’s next for AI in marketing here.

Take Notes 

4 Social Media Tricks

In today’s social media landscape, it can be challenging to stand out and get noticed amid the flood of content. However, increasing engagement is essential to boost your online presence. Utilizing simple but effective tricks like reposting your top content might give you the edge to elevate your presence on social media. View this infographic to see three more hacks to increase engagement.

Google Discards 4 Advertising Attribution Models

Attention advertisers! Google recently announced it is planning to retire four advertising attribution models with only Data-Driven Attribution and last-click advertising models still be available. However, non-last-click rules-based models, such as first click, linear, time decay, and position based, will disappear from Google Analytics and Google Ads beginning in May 2023. Learn why advertisers need to be aware of these updates in Search Engine Journal’s article.

TikTok’s Earth Month Initiative 

With Earth Day right around the corner, TikTok has launched a new program to support and promote sustainability and environmental awareness content. The campaign educates users and opens a unique opportunity for brands to promote their ecological efforts. Read more about TikTok’s Earth Month programming on Social Media Today’s blog post.

Totally Unrelated 

AI Podcasters

The latest developments in AI technology are revolutionizing the podcasting landscape, and it’s a game-changer for both podcasters and listeners alike. Revoice, created by the startup Podcastle, can even clone a human voice. However, listeners can clearly distinguish the digital voice from a human’s voice with the robotic and odd tones of the AI voice. Innovative platforms like Podcastle are transforming how podcasts are created, edited, and consumed. Listen to an audio example in Wired’s article to judge the voices for yourself.