The Role Of Personalized Recommendations In Home Builder Marketing

Savvy brands have been leveraging the power of personalized recommendation engines for years to give shoppers additional suggestions based on their behaviors and selections. Today’s online shoppers are used to receiving these recommendations and welcome them to help make better buying decisions.

Just think of your own experiences using services like Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon. A recent study reported that 49% of consumers said they have purchased a product they did not originally intend to buy after receiving a personalized recommendation. Given this, it’s no surprise that 35% of Amazon’s revenue is generated by its recommendation engine.

So how can home builders capitalize on this marketing trend and leverage recommendations? While there is always the opportunity to create a recommendation engine on a builder’s website to serve up ideas, this can be time-consuming and expensive.

A turnkey option is to sign up for the recommended community leads program from NewHomeSource to connect with home shoppers who are searching for communities similar to those offered by the builder.

Here’s how that works.

Home shoppers visit NewHomeSource and request information about a specific community. During this process, they can also request to receive information from similar builders in the area. The NewHomeSource recommendation engine analyzes their shopping choices and patterns on the site and then serves up additional, customized community recommendations.

Builders who participate in the Recommended Community Lead program receive this shopper information as a lead. These Recommended Community Leads are Qualified Shoppers – REAL people who have searched for similar homes – the perfect target audience for sales and marketing outreach.

The NewHomeSource program is a win-win for home shoppers and builders. Shoppers get the recommendations that will help them find their perfect home and builders can add additional leads to their marketing funnel for their sales team.

We’ve heard from builders across the country that more than ever quality leads are in demand. Increase sales opportunities for your team when you add Recommended Community Leads to your listing bundle. To learn more click here or email us.