Flyovers and Streetscapes to Visualize Your New Communities

When marketing a new community, timing is critical.

It takes time to build awareness, especially when you are the only one who can envision the finished product. The solution is of course an animated tour. In fact, 90% of shoppers feel video is useful when making purchase decisions, and websites that use properly optimized video are 53X more likely to be featured on page 1 in Google search results.

But what if your budget is tight? What if you don’t have the funds for a full community animation?

Well, do what you can. Why not animate just the key aspects of the community, like a flyover that can give them an idea of how the community will look within the surrounding area? Or maybe a streetscape that will let them see what it will be like to drive through the community. These kinds of views will help them envision your finished community and create an emotional connection to the neighborhood, which is a crucial first step in the buying process.

A 45 to 60 second Flyover or Streetscape can be created for much less than a full community animation and they come with lots of useful extras such as multiple elevations and featured high resolution stills giving you some great content to kick off your listings, website, social media and more.

So don’t let the cost of animations slow you down, get out in front of your new community marketing with Flyover and Streetscape animations from BDX.

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