From First Click To The Short List: Content Marketing Matters

Whether it’s the first click or the last, content marketing can make all of the difference. Smart marketers are using their best assets to create content that is engaging throughout the buying cycle to ensure that time on site and engagement has enough staying power to make it through to the end. Follow along for a few easy tips on how to glean rich visual content from every new home and community. We’ll also cover the content that will make your listing stand out as well as the best interactive content that’s likely to help you make a buyers’ short list.

Static Content

Community Renderings

Generally, new home searches start on an aggregator site like and home shoppers tend to narrow down their search by community. Because NewHomeSource does not have a pay-for-position model, the quality and type of image you display first in your listing, can be the deciding factor of whether or not your listing is clicked on.

Tip: Forgo the Tombstone shot as your first image. Home shoppers care more about what’s in the community than the entrance. Amenity renderings or images that showcase the natural beauty of the area are more likely to get a click.

Animation of pool, cabana, and lounge chairs at dusk.

Dice it up

One image doesn’t cut it any longer when it comes to enticing a buyer to move further in the sales cycle. Listings that have only one image look less believable in comparison to a listing that has multiple images. Showing more detail through multiple images sends the message that you don’t have anything to hide and can help build trust—an important thing that will help you make it to the short list.

Tip: Your homes are your best asset. For very little extra, you can create additional renderings of the same home just by choosing features to zoom in on. Amazing front porch? Zoom in and focus on the furniture on the porch so that buyers can imagine sipping coffee there. The possibilities are endless!

Exterior rendering of house and close-ups of garage, porch, and balcony.

Add Context

Showing one home in a rendering can help its best features take center stage, but showing it amidst a streetscape can bring forward a sense of community.

Tip: Add your renderings to a streetscape for an additional look at how the home will look inside the community. Bonus, show the view from different angles as well.

Streetscape Renderings with a person walking a dog, cars, and front yards.

Interactive Content

Interactive content like interactive floor plan designers, room visualizers and online VR is the richest content available when it comes to increasing time-on-site and giving buyers the tools to build their dream home. In most cases, the builder with the best content usually wins the click.

Tip: Rich interactive content like virtual walkthroughs and online VR can often generate all of the static content that you need to market your homes.

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